Friday, April 02, 2004

This article is weird on many levels. And also, if he doesn't care about the $239 million dollars, can I have it? I wish my video worked so I could hear them talking too.
Well it certainly wasn't stolen by the millionare from Virginia.
I wonder how Truffles would respond if this were he. (Too bad we can't find out. Link is gone.)
One of my friend's friend in college did something like this when he was in highschool (pre-computers so it was over the phone) and she said that a bunch of FBI guys showed up at her friend's house and took a bunch of his records. And that every time the President is going to be in town where he lives (even today which is not the same place as before) they call him and tell him that he has to stay away. And every once in a while, he'll get a record back in the mail. So, the price has gone up for pranking the president.
Monkeys strike again! (Boo, link is gone!)