Thursday, April 01, 2004

Thanks to Crabby for pointing out that the Monkey King article doesn't link. And of course I erased the message from Aimee after I thought I'd linked it properly. No Monkey King for you!
I would like at this moment to give google a YEA for their popup blocker. it makes my day happy.
And also, last night I was dragged to a Van Morrison concert. I think that I was expecting a bunch of rockers for some reason and it so was not that at all. And they cut off the beer service when he came on stage. I actually asked if the group on stage was trying to put everyone to sleep (they were playing a slow jazzy number) before the Van band came out, and the response I got was, "I think this is his band." Score. And it only got better from there. Fortunately, we left before it was over, and then I decided instead of listening to the voice in my head that told me to go home, to continue drinking at Kendall's apartment. So today H & M proved yet again to be my bestest buddy and aided me in my outfit for the day. I could kill for a bed right now. And also? I'm too freaking tired to look for any articles today. so, um ok-bye

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