Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Colin Hay

A couple of months ago, Rachel texted me and told me to listen to Colin Hay's song "Maggie". I went to YouTube, searched for it and found a video. I then bookmarked it and never found the time to watch it (lame).

Tonight at the theatre, we had Colin Hay. What a phenomenal show that was!

First off, he played a song at the opening of the show and then talked for a solid 15 minutes. And he was hilarious. And then he started in with the songs. And they got more poignant and sadder. And I kept listening and thinking, This one? Is this the song? It's pretty and it's making me cry! It's got to be! And I'd send off a text to Rachel.

And then he played the first verse of Maggie.

"When I first set eyes on you
First you beat me up then you kissed me too"

And as the chills swept through my body, I knew it was the one. Wow.

Here's the YouTube that I failed to watch:

I recommend not following in my footsteps and instead, watching it toute suite.

The other highlight of my Colin Hay evening was when I was making a kind of subtle but kind of noticeable lighting change and he sort of stopped talking for a second, cocked his head up at the ceiling and said, "Nice lights." I cheered (obviously) and yelled, "Thank you!" and he said, "Nice lights for a singer/song writer." He was clearly used to lights of a different sort. After the show, when I met him, I thanked him for saying something and he thanked me for doing them.

I was talking to his tour manager, Ace (really nice guy) and he said,"You know how many times he's mentioned the lights in the two years I've been with him?"
"Tell me!"

When Colin Hay walked back through the theatre to do the meet and greet, I said that it was nice meeting him.

"You too! And tell your friend I say 'hello'"

Rachel, Colin Hay says 'hello'.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Can't Forget!

Didn't want to forget Grady. Much love for this sweetheart.

And I've mentioned Yam. Right?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cool Cats

I grabbed the camera at the shelter today and went a bit nuts. Here are some of the better shots:






The kittens (these guys are too little to go so I've gotten to spend almost a month with them. They are crazy little creatures.)




Some other crazy munchkins:

Moose's mouth


I think this is an "all time top ten" picture:


I love my job. I love love love my job. Rescue animals. Go to a shelter.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Seen in passing.

What's up with the Make A Wish dump trucks that I keep seeing on the highway?

"I wish for a big pile of dirt!"

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny

Not sure why THESE guys were getting thrown out at work:

Too bad the picture doesn't do his belly justice. He's a fat bastard (who's now going to be chewed up by a grey hound).