Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Well, it's tuesday and here we are again. an exciting day for the blog world. actually not too exciting. nothing has really happened. I didn't win the $130 in the company oscar pool, in fact I tied for 2nd to last place (and who said I wasn't hollywood savvy?).
Not that I'm against protecting animals or naked pillow fights for that matter, but when the hell do they have to do with each other? (we'll never know!)
If you like drinking tap water, buy Dasani .
limericks , I mean, nursery rhymes, I mean, hmmmm. And also, could somebody tell me what the f a "football song" is? (apparently, no one will know.)
I'd like to point out that this went on for 90 minutes before they stopped it. (I sure would like to know what "this" is.)
They're smiling!