Thursday, February 26, 2004

I'm so f-ing lazy and tired today. first I slept through my alarm and woke up 15 minutes before the last peak hour train left. So I missed that train, had to run to the 9:30 (an hour later and I was STILL late), got to the train, wanted a nice cold beverage (would have killed for a nice cold beer) and realized that I didn't bring my wallet with me in my haste of running around the house trying to dress, making sure I had everything I need to stay over in the city at Kendall's and tripping over my cat, Truffles. So then, I got on the train, decided I wanted to sleep and sort of contorted my body into an odd shape and drifted off for 30 seconds, then in Rowayton, there must have been 40 highschool kids that got on my train car and one screaming baby, by this time I was taking up two seats, no way was I going to be stuck next to a highpitched highschool girl yelling about her hair. so I believe I made it two stops before I was rudley awakened by some a-hole saying Excuse Me and then he made a motion with his fingers like lift up. I just about killed him. So there went a peaceful train ride. Although one of the highschool girls did try to catch her balance when she was talking to her friend and instead went crashing into the doors which was highly entertaining. So I got to work at 11, and left to grab lunch at 1 and while I was in the deli, there was a woman who was sampling her food before weighing it and she got reprimanded by an employee and it started off innocently enough, and ended (well, I techinically didn't see the end but) with her saying "Oh go hang yourself" in a really strong new york accent. "What are you the police?" Awesome. They were so yelling at each other. I think he even made her give him a dime for the bite of food that she ate. And since then I have played minesweeper and lost three times, then hearts which just really confuses me, but I lost that enough to quit, and now I'm playing solitaire. Tonight, I'm going to Kendall's new apartment. Highly exciting as he has bought a case of wine, 4 or so cases of beer, and has every liquor imaginable in a full bottle, plus he's making killer margaritas and invited all his friends in the area. So, I'm sure tomorrow will consist of me finding new uses for the trash can at my desk. I'm too lazy to look for articles at the moment.
Monkey (s) of the day.