Thursday, March 04, 2004

Best ADD plug of the day, on one of the websites that place plugs throughout other sites, their choice of the day today writes for "Last Great Book I Read: My ADD limits me to magazine articles. What was the question?"
Cops continue to try and get away with everything. (true. but not sure what it was in this instance.)
Old People brawls rule.
Ok, so yea, Janet Jackson's going to show us her boobs again on Saturday night live blah blah blah, but that's not why I am posting this article. Read the second entry. Holy Schnikeys. I'm surprised this guy isn't getting as much publicity for The Movie as Mel Gibson is. What a wack job.
Does this mean that since they bought the rights to this (no idea what "this" is), that I can buy the rights to the words "Oh Canada"?
"Monkey" of the day. (pic missing) Ok, so I realize it's not the cutest monkey, but I have a story about this kind of monkey. When I was in Africa, one of the nights we went around in the cars looking for bushbabies. These things are cool because all you can see is their HUGE eyes reflected in the trees and their bodies are really really small. And so we found a pair of them and were watching them, jumping around and biting each other, this would be my parents, my brother, me, the couple we went with (the smiths) and our guides, Mike and Roy (brothers) and there they are, these two little bushbabies high up in a tree. And someone says, "Oh look, they're playing." and at around the same moment as it dawned on my dad, it dawned on me that wait a minute, no, they weren't "playing" afterall. And he goes, kind of ackwardly, "Uh, I'm not sure that they are playing." and I'm like, just as ackwardly, "Um, yea, I think they might not be.", and we're standing next to each other. Nothing like realizing that you are watching two animals mating while standing there with your parents.
and on that note.....ok-bye