Friday, February 20, 2004

ok, so I've added a couple of new links to the side bar, including my boys of blink, ani, Get Fuzzy (immediately in fact. . . Why are you still reading this?), The Onion (obviously). Oh, and FYI, the wakeboarding link (thanks Kendall) if you click on where it says, Devon, you can watch me fall on a wakeboard... over and over again. Or where I tried to jump over the wake, which to me felt like I was flying like 80 feet in the air, and if you aren't looking closely enough on the video, you'll actually probably miss it. I also highly reccommend watching my brother and his friends do stuff because they are better than I am. And you can see Kendall fall on his head while attempting freaking FLIPS. insanity.
Other than that, today is going to be another insane one in the old pub (man, I wish that meant what I want it to) office. but I got a new computer so that's exciting. ah, the things that make me happy. and lunch is coming up soon. hopefully.

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