Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'd consider switching insurance just because of Dean Winters...

but Amica is a much better insurance carrier. That doesn't mean that Allstate doesn't have the best commercial spokesman EVER.

For all of you who didn't watch every episode of the thoroughly messed up show Oz (and then watched at least a few seasons a second time, only because you finally had to move onto other things in your Netflix cue but if you had all of the box sets you'd DEFINITELY be watching it again), Dean Winters played a terribly screwed up inmate, Ryan O'Reily, on the show. Before Oz, he was also on SVU for a stint as Brian Cassidy and continues to make appearances on USA where I obsessively watch the show (because I love it, not because I'm hoping he'll be on an episode. Sure is nice when he is, though!). After Oz, he jumped around but I didn't see anything he was on. (What was I thinking, right?)

And then, what's this? Dean Winters in an Allstate Insurance commercial? Over the years, he's filled out a bit, looking a little worse (read: better) for the wear. And because the commercials are based on him personifying "Mayhem", he's all banged up. And hilarious. I approve.

Here's the latest and greatest:

I've just got to include this one:

"OMG, Becky's not even hot." LOVE LOVE LOVE

Side Bar: That is the only time you'll ever see OMG or any of those other horrible little acronyms on my blog. They make me insane!!!! Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I. Feel. BETTER! [Willow!!!]

Allstate has posted all of the 16(!) Mayhem videos on YouTube. I highly recommend wasting a bunch of hours watching all of them.
Highly. Recommend.


Piper said...

Excellent advice!

Janiegirl said...

I love you and your ideas!