Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Peeps

We got early easter basket goodness tonight at the homestead. Included were chocolate covered coffee beans. Matt told me not to eat any. Then he told me to eat a bunch. I ate 7 and flew around my parent's house for a good long while, shouting things like "pew pew pew". Then I was told to knock it off. Not cool considering the circumstances.

Kendall and Matt decided that they wanted to roast the peeps, included in the baskets, over a fire. Burny mouths and subsequent (shocking) goodness followed. Here are some of the pictures that documented the occasion.

(without my flash [loathe flash], some pictures that I wanted eluded me, and what with the ADD free for all I was ensconced in, I couldn't quite put in the effort to actually try and care. I'm including the fuzzy ones because that's the kind of awesome that I am.)

By the way? This was my easter basket:


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