Monday, May 03, 2004

I know I know. BAD BLOGGER. I've been busy, and there are some fire walls here at work which is totally lame.

Mystery 8 Ball dissected. (Scroll down to A Note About the Blue Fluid)

Apparently, it requires a bachelor's degree to video tape girl's showing their boobs. (gone, but pretty self explanitory)

Poor Cutie. (Fave Quote- "Cutie was not charged") (nor was "Cutie" still "there".)

Fan Pants. Just scroll down on the site. Seriously. (or don't, because it's not there.)

Ok, there are WAY too many things to take out of this article to be the fave one. But this one needs some special attention - "And with all due respect, she had a long way to go to even begin to have the firm, well-rounded proportions of Miss Lopez." (Missing!)

"Around a year ago a similar hairy black hog broke through a gap in the gate". That is all.

This is weird. And fascinating. And weird. And fascinating. (and not there)

Wanted. Pronto.

yea, that's enough for today. ok-bye